Michael Patterson sat down with the CEO of Boston Byte, Mustapha Shaikh to discuss the significance and rapid digitization of the healthcare industry while also leveraging his rich experience in the development of Telemedicine platforms in North America.

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Export IPA using MDM certificates

We often have a requirement where we need an iOS application to be uploaded on private App Store networks such as In-House Enterprise Distribution. Before exporting the IPA for these programs we need to ensure we have following files and information:
  1. Bundle Identifier (ex. com.bostonbyte.xxx) - Information
  2. Certificate with private key file (.p12 format) with password (if any) - File
  3. Mobile Provisioning Profile against the Certificate above - File

Note: All steps mentioned here to export the IPA file for an iOS application is only limited to Mac OS (machines).

  1. Install the certificate (.p12) file on the machine from which we need to export the IPA using the keychain utility.
  2. Install the mobile provisioning profile on the same machine in Xcode.
  3. Enter the Bundle ID provided in the project against which the IPA has to be exported
    XCode => Project Properties => General => Bundle Identifier
  4. Set Code Signing (Certificate) and mobile provisioning under XCode => Project Properties => Build
  5. Select Product option from Xcode project and click Archive
  6. After completion of archive, organizer window will open which will show latest archived file on top of the list.
  7. Right click the archived file in organizer, click Show in Finder
  8. Locate the .xcarchive file in finder window and get the absolute path for .xcarchive file
  9. Use the command below to export the IPA from .xcarchive:
    xcodebuild -exportArchive -archivePath <absolute_path_of_xcarchive_file> -exportPath  <absolute_path_to_save_ipa> -exportFormat ipa -exportProvisioningProfile <name_of_mobile_provisioning_profile>
  10. After generating the command with required replacements, open the terminal on the machine and paste the command. This will export the IPA file to specified export path.
  11. We are now able to use this IPA file and send across to our client who can upload the IPA on the In-House Enterprise Distribution program.

Google Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant is add-on on Chrome. It helps in monitoring tags set for the page of a web-site. This helps you verify that you have installed various Google tags correctly on your page without looking into page source. It is very critical job to find the Google tag in Page source due to lines of code and script are bundled in it.
That's why use Google Tag Assistant Recording to record a typical user flow to and through your website and instantly validate, diagnose, and troubleshoot issues with your Google Analytics implementation.

How to use Google tag assistant:

This is an add-on chrome so you can easily download it from chrome web store-


After installing the extension, you will see an icon indicating the status of the tag on the page you're viewing.


Now access any URL like- http://bostonbyte.com/. If the page has google tag then icon will change the colour and will show how many tags are found on page. 

How tag assistant works:

•    A grey icon with an 'x' indicates that no code was found on the page
•    A green indicator will show if a valid tag was found. The number in the icon indicates the number of tags that were found
•    A blue indicator will show there are suggestions on improving overall tagging health
•    A yellow indicator will show that a tag was found with minor implementation issues
•    A red indicator will show that a tag was found with critical implementation issues
Click the icon to open a window containing tag details. It shows how many tags were found, how many errors were found, any errors, and a link to the most relevant help document available to resolve the problem.


In addition, Tag Assistant makes suggestions when improvements can be made. For example, if an out dated Analytics tag has been installed, Tag Assistant may suggest that you update to a newer tag


Michael Patterson sat down with the CEO of Boston Byte, Mustapha Shaikh to discuss the significance and rapid digitization of the healthcar...