​XOME is Boston Byte's internal framework used for PHP development, It is very easy to create role based system using ​XOME.​

​XOME not only provides you code for add, edit, list, delete, activate and deactivate but also provides validation of your web form. You do not require to write code for delete, activate or deactivate in ​XOME . Just by writing some configuration and calling function, you can implement delete, activate or deactivate . You can upload image using ajax or using post back using ​XOME by just calling one function.

You can develop website front end and back end using ​XOME in less time. You can create dynamic menu, pages using existing code. You can create banners using xome. Fetching records from database is also very easy in​ XOME . You need to call just a function of common model with parameters.

Validations is very important while developing project. ​XOME provides you built in validations.


​As a Web application development company, we were searching f…


CSVTool is simple windows based application developed to perform various operation on CSV file, before its consumption by another application. It helps to rectify the error in CSV file in preliminary stage ensuring smooth running for another application consuming these files.
We were required to do various operation on CSV file of larger magnitude on regular basis using SSIS package (SQL Server Integration Service). Depending on this process further operations were performed. Normally we used to get CSV file of around 600 MB.  If CSV files are not in proper format it hammers the execution process creating further problems. To avoid these kinds of situation, we have developed precautionary tool for validating and performing various manipulation operations on CSV file. To smoothen the further execution process and rectify the error in preliminary stage.
How it works:

Available Operations for CSV and TSV file
We have prepared windows application with tabular view for various ope…

Localization In PHP

Localization In PHP:
Localization is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. It allows you converting the existing language of the website to the native language as per the preference. We have worked on several projects which had a special requirement of displaying the texts in their regional language. For ex. If a website is going to be published in Spain so customers want the text to be displayed in Spanish language along with the default English language depending on the specific locale or market.

Usually, programs are written and documented in English, and use English at execution time for interacting with users. So, we use a gettext which is used for localization and internationalization the language. As we have created a HTML page with PHP Script so we write a function for echoing (Display the content on User Interface) with using of gettext.

So, the next question could be how it works? We have created an English website using T_() function, the…

AWS Troubleshooting – Remote access to instance is not working.


We recently added some restrictions to remote access the server, so we tried to change the default remote desktop port to a different one through “Regedit” but forgot to add the exception in windows firewall, in doing so we lost remote access to the instance.

This post will explain the methods to get the remote access back.

How It Works:

To resolve the issue, we can revert the changes backto default (remote desktop port) in multiple ways. 

Please Note: Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps below, I would strongly recommend that you create an AMI of the instance or take a snapshot of the root volume since we will be modifying root volume.

Method 1 (Without taking the instance offline):

1. Create a temporary instance with an OS of either same or higher version. You may use t2.micro free tier for temporary instance.

2. Edit security group of impaired instance and allow traffic to TCP ports 135 and 445 temporarily.

3. Download PsTools on temporary instance –

AWS Troubleshooting – How to Revert the OS to Last Known Configuration


It can harm your AWS operating system if you try to change the registry or anything related to the AWS configurations. The AWS instance OS does not provide the option for System Restore, which we have in the personal Windows OS.

This post explains how you can revert the OS of the AWS instance.

How It Works:

Please ensure you create an AMI or snapshot of the root volume before proceeding to revert the OS back to the last known good configuration. Please follow the steps below:

1. Create another temporary instance in the same availability zone. Please ensure it is 2008 R2 or higher.

2. Stop the impaired instance.

3. Detach the root volume of the impaired instance.

4. Attach the root volume to the temporary instance.

5. In case you do not see the new volume, please open "diskmgmt.msc" (disk management console) to bring the volume online.

6. Open regedit and select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder.

7. Go to File > select "Load hives".

8. On the second volume, browse the folder …

Payment Gateway Integration

PayUMoney Integration

Now a days as me are moving more towards digitisation, new models, concepts, software's are making their way into the market.  If we talk specifically about websites that operate more into E-commerce and B2C there are few basic things that are necessary for the website to sustain.
Such as customer engagement, customers have become smart and demanding they need softwares/websites which will give them the maximum satisfaction(in terms of time been spend of the website), user friendly flow and the main thing Payment methods.

Its a thumb rule if you want to sell anything online you need to have a payment gateway integrated to your website and that is where PayUMoney comes in.
PayUMoney is an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card payments for e-businesses & online retailers.

For more information please refer:PayUMoney Integration.

Braintree Payment Gateway Integration

Braintree provides payment processing options for many devices. Braint…

Firebase and Google Cloud Storage Introduction

Brief :

Firebase a back-end-as-a-service (BaaS) founded about three years ago. Firebase developed their services platform independent as those services can be used for android, IOS and web. Before one and half year ago Google acquired Firebase. With the help of firebase developers will be easily able to sync mobile devices and web without writing complex code for synchronization. Existing firebase services will be available as it is, in addition google services can be easily ported to use with firebase platform. Acquisition helped Google as well as Firebase and indirectly it become a gift for users and developers. Google got 1,10,000 developers who are using Firebase services and Firebase developers and users will get benefit of google's cloud technology and talent.

Need :

With the help of Google promotion firebase services are unified in mobile and web development.

Firebase provides many services like analytics, cloud messaging, authentication, realtime database, storage, hosting, re…

Automate HDInsight Cluster


An application (.Net) is implemented to manage Microsoft Azure resources without user interaction. Which automatically creates Azure HDInsight cluster, processes data (using Hive queries) and exports the processed data (using SQOOP queries) to required SQL Database.


Whenever we have large amount of structured or unstructured data to process. Hadoop is the best solution to process it. Microsoft Azure provides HDInsight service which is based on Hadoop. As HDInsight billing is per hour basis, to reduce the cost we can start HDInsight cluster, process data and delete it after completion. This functionality can be done using the Microsoft Azure portal. But it is not feasible to a user to go to Azure portal daily and create a cluster and process the data. To minimize the manual work, we created an application which will do all above functionality automatically. And it can be scheduled in scheduler to run daily or as per requirement.

How It Works:


·         Need a Micro…

AWS Troubleshooting – Instance failure.


Few days back we found that one of our AWS instances stopped working, it was not accessible via remote access and through console it's status checks were failing. This blog post explains how to recover your instance and get it back online!

How It Works:

Method 1:

Let’s try installing the latest version of EC2config service on this instance to get it out of our way. As sometimes no output in the console indicates that the issue is with EC2config service such as misconfigured configuration file, or that windows failed to boot properly. Please follow the steps below to install latest version on an unreachable instance:
Use the following procedure to update the EC2Config service on a Windows Server instance that is inaccessible using Remote Desktop.
To update EC2Config on an Amazon EBS-backed Windows instance that you can't connect to

1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at

2. In the navigation pane, choose Instances.

3. Locate the affected instance. …

A/B Testing


Every website or a web application has a goal of getting more users than just visitors. This rate of converting visitors into user is called as “Conversion Rate”. A/B Testing is the process of creating and running two or more variations of a webpage to see which performs best and gets more conversion rate.