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Export IPA using MDM certificates

We often have a requirement where we need an iOS application to be uploaded on private App Store networks such as In-House Enterprise Distribution. Before exporting the IPA for these programs we need to ensure we have following files and information:
Bundle Identifier (ex. - InformationCertificate with private key file (.p12 format) with password (if any) - FileMobile Provisioning Profile against the Certificate above - File
Note: All steps mentioned here to export the IPA file for an iOS application is only limited to Mac OS (machines).

Install the certificate (.p12) file on the machine from which we need to export the IPA using the keychain utility.Install the mobile provisioning profile on the same machine in Xcode.Enter the Bundle ID provided in the project against which the IPA has to be exported
XCode => Project Properties => General => Bundle IdentifierSet Code Signing (Certificate) and mobile provisioning under XCode=> Proje…