Amadeus API


Amadeus is one of the leading provider for IT solutions and transaction processor into travel and tourism industry. Amadeus provides Application Programming Interface via SOAP protocol or HTTP protocol formatted via XML services delivering you travel related functionalities. Amadeus provides services such as searching, pricing, ticketing, booking, etc to providers and agencies in real time. Amadeus provides all of these services for a cost depending upon the features looking for.

When to use?

When a custom application portal is to built for booking, tracking status, search of travel/tourism related components. Amadeus API is basically a development tool that allows connect client application system with Amadeus server for getting the information. Amadeus is considered while making the customer process automated with sequence of calls to Amadeus server for booking of flights/hotels, etc. It basically provides single point of access for different services allowing customers to build their own customized travel booking application/portal. Amadeus also provides vast documentation for its consumption and which makes easier for developers in integration.

Technical Details:

Amadeus API follows SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) standard for web services request and response via XML. Client application system communicates with Amadeus System via Amadeus API using TCP/IP transportation protocol. Amadeus system then is responsible for getting, fetching, booking of data for customers and and responds respectively. These Amadeus API are available on both Windows and Unix platforms. Once we purchase the Amadeus services for querying they provide couple of credentials with URL to access the online documentation, a client library, header files to include in client system for compilation.

The Amadeus API Gateway is used for authentication, tracing, routing and presentation layer conversation-
Identifies API Clients and applies security checks to secure the Amadeus Host traffic.
Customizes the proxy behavior based on the API Client identity.
Logs API transactions for statistics and billing purpose.
Routes Clients transactions to the appropriate Amadeus Hosts servers.
Converts Clients transactions into a format understandable by the Amadeus Hosts.


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