Track how user using your web application


Nowadays, it’s not enough to build a great IT website. You need to keep monitoring the website usage to understand the user’s behaviour towards the website. Even if your website is having so many lavishing features, if your user is not able to use it properly or the user experience is not that good, website is considered to be not that useful. Understanding user’s behaviour towards the website helps you to get into user’s mind and makes you think on the steps to improve the website’s user experience.


We have developed a website for one of our client. Along with the working functionality, we had been asked to implement the analytics to understand end user’s behaviour towards usage of the website so that we can improve the user experience and give user a great feel of the website. One way to do it is by recording the actions, clicks and mouse movements of user’s PC who is currently using the website. So to achieve this, we have used a third-party tool GhostRec-Web Usability Testing. It performs Usability Testing for your website. It gives you recording of user’s actions that you can view later as per your convenience and understand website’s usability. After viewing those recordings, you can get to know that what steps has been followed by most of the users to perform transitions. Once you know usability of the website, you start coming up with different suggestions for improving User Experience. Great user experience makes the product Great!


With these great features from GhostRec, we can have several benefits as below:
  •    Achieve website usability testing
  •    Helps in improving user experience.
  •    Analytics with user mouse movement.
  •    Quick and Easy to integrate.

So whenever you need to implement automation to understand website usability, GhostRec is the best solution to achieve it.


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