Google Analytic

Google analytic is an application provided by google to study website traffic.
It provides us with all the user information that a website needs to track and gives an overall report about it

What is website analytics?

1. Website analytics is used to collect the information of user actions on our websites. Websites majorly track the traffic to their websites, which pages do the users visit frequently, the demographics of visitors and many other such user actions performed.

2. Why is analytics important?

Collection of the analytics data helps us understand the user activities, user interests in our website. Study of this data can help us attract more customer according to domain. This in turn can help us change our business strategy for faster growth.

3. There are many free and paid analytics tools available. So, let us take a look at the basics of very famous analytics tool "Google Analytic".

4. Now go to the Property section. Here you can configure the details of the website to be tracked. Similar to Account you can create a property or use the default local property.

5. Go to Property Settings in Property section. You will see a default tracking code present. This code is unique for each property you create. You will see a textbox where you can insert you website url to be tracked. Enter the url in the textbox and click on save.


6. Once the changes are saved click on "Tracking Info" section in the left hand side and navigate to "Tracking code". Here you will find javascript code that you can be used in your website for tracking. Copy the code from "Website Tracking" and paste it just after the opening for "body" tag on the page.


7. This code by default tracks only the pages viewed. You can configure the code for various events on the website.


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