Stop Your WordPress Blog Getting Hacked

Brief :
  • As wordpress is becoming famous day to day, it is also becoming more prone to hackers attack.
  • Its very important to maintain security of blog else it might result in loss of import data.

Measures taken to avoid :

  • Removed all the footprints, where attacker can not find that the particular blog made in WordPress.
  • Changing the Folder structure by writing the custom .htaccess rules.
  • Modified all the default configuration like database prefix i.e. wp_.
  • Change the file permission.
  • Improves server security.
  • Restrict users from copying text from blog.
  • Deny bad or malicious query strings.
  • Prevent people from accessing the readme.html, license.txt and wp-config-sample.php files of your WordPress site.

Benefits :

  • Secured Wordpress blogs for user, providing peace of mind.
  • It reduces security risk by checking for vulnerabilities.


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