Litmus is an online tool (web app) for testing emails and webpages across browsers and email clients. Litmus displays the preview of sent webpages or newsletter in different browsers/clients like Outlook 2013, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Android, iPhone etc.
Go to and click login. 
Once you are successfully logged in, this should be your preview screen.

To start a new test, click New Email Test.
You’ll get a list of email clients to select.  Select the clients on which you want to test the webpages/newsletters. After that, click on start test.


When you’ll click Start Test, you will get a popup giving you an email address.  Copy/paste this email into the test email field where you want to test the pages.  After you’ve sent the email, click the ‘Yes. I’ve sent it’ button in the pop up.
It will take some time, but after loading you will see the webpage in all the email clients/browsers you have selected. Click on the one that you want to view.


After clicking on a particular page, you will view that webpage in full screen. You can also scroll through that page. If it’s a mobile view you will have buttons to scroll up/down. You’ll have a horizontal scroll bar at the top to navigate through the test clients you have selected or you can use the previous and next buttons. There’s also a check mark and an x button in the top right.  You can use these to select which ones do and don’t pass QA.

Desktop view:

Mobile view:

For mobile view, you will have buttons to scroll up and down

Also you can view thumbnail view after clicking ‘Show client Thumbnail’.

Also, there are few keyboard shortcuts which will help you to view these pages.

After Email preview, you can also check the ‘Subject Line’ view that how the subject is displayed in the entire email environment.

Also, you can test the availability of the Links/Buttons on the page. You can check the number of pass/failed links. 

This is all the testing part, that you can do using Litmus. There is a lot more that you can do.


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