"One-Click Build" Automation Testing


We created automation test script for web-Portals, Android and iOS apps. Also, we implemented 'OneClick Build' functionality which automatically does the build installation and runs the automation test script by just running one single script file (One-Click)! This reduces the configuration and installation time after which you are all set to start automation test without any other manual action. 

We executed automation test script on all environment(Portal, Android and iOS). You can set the time intervals when you want the script to run using Jenkins tool.


To reduce the work and time required in manual testing, automation testing is introduced as a better solution. There are multiple automation tools that are available in market like - Selenium, QTP, Appium etc. You all might have faced that the existing functionality breaks due to new functionality/conflict in code due to New changes. We can easily encounter such issues in existing functionality using automation testing.

How It Works:

Portal/Web Application: 

For portal, we used Selenium web driver TestNG framework to automate the testing.
Separate test scripts are created for every module, which are clubbed in one testsuite for testing all modules(using xml).
In 'OneClick Execution', one can create .bat file for windows or .sh file Mac OS. Within .bat and .sh file all automation settings can be configured. For continuous testing .bat should be configured in Jenkins tool where it is executed as per set time or time interval.
We implemented screenshot functionality which captures the screen when script execution on a test script fails. Due to this we easily understand where is the issue in UI.
Reports are generated once the automation test script completes. The reports output is in HTML format.

For Device(iOS and Android):

For devices, we used Appium automation tool.
Here also we implemented 'OneClick Build' functionality.
This again, as discussed above for portal, helps to install application build on device/simulator/emulator automatically and execute the script by just OneClick.
After executing automation script generates test reports. OneClick Build is executed after every application code(Device only) committed on server.

Selenium TestSuit:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<suite name="Project Suite Name" verbose="1" >
<test name="Regression suite 1">
<class name="com.ProjectName.demo.ModuleName1"/>
<class name="com.ProjectName.demo.ModuleName2"/>
<class name="com.ProjectName.demo.ModuleName3"/>

OnClick Execution File:
::|| 1. JAVA has been installed ||
::|| 2. The 'java' command is a recognized command ||
::|| 3. JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the correct java directory ||
::|| 4. This run script is located at the ROOT project directory ||
mkdir bin

dir /s /B *.java > sources.txt

javac -cp lib\* -d bin @sources.txt

java -cp bin;lib\* org.testng.TestNG src\TestSuite.xml


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