CSVTool is simple windows based application developed to perform various operation on CSV file, before its consumption by another application. It helps to rectify the error in CSV file in preliminary stage ensuring smooth running for another application consuming these files. 


We were required to do various operation on CSV file of larger magnitude on regular basis using SSIS package (SQL Server Integration Service). Depending on this process further operations were performed. Normally we used to get CSV file of around 600 MB.  If CSV files are not in proper format it hammers the execution process creating further problems. To avoid these kinds of situation, we have developed precautionary tool for validating and performing various manipulation operations on CSV file. To smoothen the further execution process and rectify the error in preliminary stage.

How it works:

Available Operations for CSV and TSV file

We have prepared windows application with tabular view for various operations like validate file, replace, file with issues, split file, join file and word count. 

Validate: This is the most important functionality in application, it validates the given CSV file with help of “Separator count” number of commas expected in single record in csv file. It displays total records, number of valid and invalid records and file status.    

Replace: This functionality is used to replace string or char in given csv file and new file is created in specified output location with replaced content.

Issues: This functionality is used to validate the CSV file using above validate functionality and also it creates two different files for valid and invalid records at specified location.

Split File: This functionality is used to break down massive csv file into smaller chunks by specifying the “Split count” number of records in a file. Making it more manageable for user.  

Join File: This functionality is used to club all small CSV chunk (created from above functionality) and joined them to create one single CSV file. One need to provide folder location where small CSV file is present.

Word Count: This functionality is used to get the occurrence of specified word in csv file. 

Available Operations for source type: Other

One has to specify the data separator for other source type and “.txt” is considered as default file extension. Remaining all functionality is same.  


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