Planning to use HibernateOGM in your project? Here's why we discarded it

This post is not meant to discourage or criticise the efforts of the HibernateOGM community but just to share our experience with an earlier version of the ever-improving HibernateOGM framework. As mentioned in the earlier blog (MongoDB adoption - Pros & Cons), we had migrated to MongoDB for meeting a specific requirement. As a java developer, I've been using Hibernate for a while now. So we decided to use a hibernate like alternative for MongoDB as well. After initial searches, we came across HibernateOGM 4.2.0 Final.
Finding a Hibernate framework for MongoDB seemed like a blessing initially and we were excited to harness all MongoDB features using HibernateOGM.
Alas, this excitement was short lived as in the initial phase of implementation we came across some blocking issues relating to querying embedded documents, using aggregations & criteria. As HibernateOGM was still under development & support for new features was being added daily by the community but we needed the features at that very moment.

Now since we had wasted quite some time with HibernateOGM and since the project was lagging behind we had to give up on HibernateOGM and use the mongo java driver instead. We would explore the newer versions of HibernateOGM at some later point in time.


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