When you get to analytics the word which comes in mind is event tracking. To track if the event fired is appropriate or not is not an easy task though if you go inside the view page source. As the page source has n number of things and you scratch your head or do a CTRL+F to find the event which may show you some other things within the code as well.
A page source will have this kind of data:

What if you see the code in a formatted way and test the event fires is correct or no? This is what omnibug does.

This is add-on for Chrome and FF which allows you to track events fired on user action. It adds another tab on the developer tool named Omnibug. This is more helpful for ecommerce related websites.

What you need to do is just hit on the site check the developer tool by pressing F12 or doing right click inspect element. Then check the event you want to track say clicking on a button or a page load. The variables can be seen soon.
This is how you it look like with the events tracked.