Most of you must have faced difficulty while developing and testing the web application in several browsers and devices. And you or your organization cannot buy all type of devices as it is not good idea when the mobile generation is growing drastically.

This is online tool for cross-browser testing of websites. Select any browser for desktop or mobile view and test your site through various options.

This gives you option to take screenshot, video of your steps to reproduce some issue.

Here I am sharing some screens which can be helpful:

1. After you login for you will see this screen where you can add your URL and run the test


2. Select your choice of Operating System (OS):


3. Select the browser where you want to see your site:

4. You can also select various dimensions of screen size

5. For Devices, select any specific from the list as per your membership. There are many options to select for Android, iPhones and iPads:

6. You can select particular browser on device selected. Next drop down is for the landscape and portrait view of device. This allows rotation view of the selected device:

7. Once you are set up add the URL and click on "Run Test" button. Checkout your results loading in few seconds:

8. Here you see your site on selected options and dimensions. Want to switch the browser or device without losing URL? Click on the left top corner and select your option:

9. Want to keep take screenshot or record and keep with the options on the site: