Corvisa API

Corvisa LLC is a organisation which provides solution for Cloud Based IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This basically can be used in circumstances where in you need some detection of input done by user over call, depending on which Corvisa gives us data and we can perform required action against the option given by user. We can also write our own logic to handle the IVR system inputs. The programming language used for writing the code/logic for same is LUA.
Note: Corvisa now has be acquired by Shoretel company since around January 2016.

Corvisa API executes on the Summit Application while youe create your own environment. This App is created on the Corvisa Cloud where the code can be access through git repository manager.

Corvisa provides REST API for following features:

Application Logs:

When Summit application runs Corvisa guys do all sort of logging such as events, calls, etc everything they do. Corvisa Application Logs can be used to query all the logging done using filters provided as options to API.
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Call Scheduling:
This API allows to schedule the calls or multiple calls which internally done by the Summit Application. With POST you can schedule the calls and with GET request you can get list of all calls scheduled.
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Inbound SMS:
This API will be invoked when a SMS is received to our number which configured with our Summit application. Then an endpoint with sms_inbound_relay will POST the JSON to it and that will invoke the our custom server endpoint.
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Outbound SMS:

Summit application allows us to send outbound SMS to specified number passed through Outbound SMS API of Corvisa. Once the SMS is sent to specified number then API will invoke the CALLBACK_URL specified in Outbound SMS API.
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