CI (Continuous Integration)

To automate the QA and deployment process we used Jenkins as a CI server. Along with this we use QA automation tools like Monkeytalk, selenium. We also use automated build tools and installer tools like ant, xcode command line tool, gradle.

Tools/servers required for CI and inline details:

1: Linux server: Where we installing Jenkins.

2: OSX (MAC )/ Windows machine: To create node to building sand running the test.

3: Jenkins: Tool, where we configure nodes ( Machine to build/run/test/and deliver final product).

4: ANT: Intermediate between Jenkins and Monkeytalk.

5: Monkeytalk/selenium/junit: Tool which do automated testing.

6: xcode/ xcode command line tool/Gradle : Tool to build, clean and create final product.

7: Apache server: Need to Install on both linux and MAC to run the jenkins and ANT/monkeytalk

8: SVN: Subversion system from where we are downloading the code


Download the jenkins from:
Install jenkins server.
After installation the server will be running at : http://localhost:8080

How to set up Plugins

1. Click Manage Jenkins on the left sidebar and select Manage Plugins
2. Click the Available tab and filter by git in the Filter: search box
3. Check the box next to the Git Plugin and click Download now and Install after restart
4. Check Restart Jenkins when installation is complete

Configuring Project:

1. Now back to Jenkins (localhost:8080). Click on New Item in the left nav
2. Enter your Project Name for Item Name
3. Select Build a free-style software project
4. Click OK
5. Enter your project info (name, description)
6. Under Source Code Management select Git
7. Where it says Repository URL enter in your SVN repository (make sure your CI machine has access to your repository)
8.Under Build Triggers select Build when a change is pushed to SVN or any other trigger you would like to have that runs your app
9. Under Build / Execute Shell / Command put whatever rake task you want called when your CI runs. We usually like to create a special rake task just for this purpose so that we can make sure all of our dependencies are up to date (like pods, etc).
10. Click Save
11. You should now be able to click build now and your CI task should run 


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