SMS Gateway Integration


SMS Gateway is a third party service which allows to send SMS to cell number through API. Developers are write code in any programming language to pass necessary parameters to API like, To mobile number, API Key, Message, etc. To use this service, we will have to buy a subscription by the name of client. Some documents needs to be submitted as per TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) rules.


Nowadays you go anywhere and deal with any service or buy a product, you get a confirmation or greeting SMS on your registered mobile number. It's creates a positive image about the product or services. It is majorly used in Banking sector to avoid any fraud and keep the customers updated. It is also used to inform the customers about any event, news or issues. In traditional way we used to send SMS through mobile but there are service providers in the market who allows to send SMS through code for much cheaper price.

How It Works:

We used service provided by SMS Gateway Center to send SMS through code. Initially we get a demo account to send sample SMS for testing. Once satisfied with services we can buy a bulk plan. We will have to register to buy the service. Here are more details about the API.

Full URL for Message Sending

Replace the parameters: 

Username = Your Registered Username
Password = Your Registered Encoded Password
91xxxxxxxxxx = Your Recipient’s Mobile Number
YourSenderid = Your Approved Sender Name
Message = Your URL Encoded Message as

The SMS Message needs to be URLENCODED which is also known as PERCENT ENCODING string of UTF-8 characters.
For more information on URL encoding, please see this:

When Successful Request gets executed, then HTTP 200 Response will be generated. The response to any SMS request is a string of tokens separated by pipe symbol (|).

A success response is SUCCESS | Success (1) Fail (0) | Total Sms Cost (1) This indicates that your request has been successfully submitted to operator. Success (1) Fail (0) shows the number of mobiles included and Total Sms Cost (1) is basically SMS length message, if you include more than 160 characters then it will show Total Sms Cost (2)
An error response is generated when it fails to validate the required parameter while sending SMS from API. It validates for all given parameters.
The error pattern is

error | [Error code] | [Error message]

You can send SMS messages to multiple mobiles at once. Here is an example for sending Comma Separated Mobile Numbers,9619141191,9769818858&Mask=DEMOSG&Message= Hello%20World

Response: SUCCESS | Success (3) Fail (0) | Total Sms Cost (3)


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